Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank You Stop and Shop For My Daily Dose Of Slut Shaming

Today, Court and I were at Stop and Shop. We had decided that since we live in a house full of ladies we should probably load up on the necessities, read: condoms, Monistat and pregnancy tests. As we looked at the the shelves a look of horror and disgust came upon our faces. Apparently, Stop and Shop has recently put condoms and pregnancy tests under plastic lock and key. Both items are now encased in a huge plastic security protected boxes, that can only be removed by an employee. That's right, one can no longer grab a test or a pack of condoms, head over to the self checkout and go home.

Now, I am a 26 year old female and have been sexually active for quite sometime so I have no problem purchasing a pack of condoms or a pregnancy test, but the 16 year old me would have. I have no doubt that this is the case for many young sexually active girls. I am not saying that there aren't some teens out there that have no problem walking up to a Stop and Shop employee and have them remove the plastic security box but for many this is probably extremely embarrassing and will deter them from buying them. Which brings us to the next problem, hmmm no condoms may lead to pregnancy. Now that same girl will have to ask the employee, which keep in mind may be a classmate, to purchase a test. Again this may deter her from purchasing one. Wasn't self checkout designed so that we could purchase whatever we want without people knowing our business??

Teens aren't the only ones who may be uncomfortable. As mentioned, I don't have a problem with purchasing the items but I should have the option to do so in private. I don't need some snot nosed kid or some old lady giving me looks because I need a pack of Magnums or Clear Blue Easy. I shouldn't have to have to put my sex life on blast. "Hey Everyone...B is having sex tonight," "Yooo, someone missed a pill last month." One has to wonder, if slut shaming isn't the reason for the lock down, why isn't the Monistat in the box or tampons??? Could it be because married women still get yeast infections and periods???

Now I am sure Stop and Shop will try and explain away the new security system by claiming that condoms and pregnancy tests are being stolen. This is a pretty weak excuse. There are beer cans that can easily be slipped into a jacket two aisles down. Women don't need IDs to purchase condoms or pregnancy tests but apparently we do need permission. Most stores place condoms and pregnancy tests underneath the pharmacy to avoid theft, still annoying but clearly more reasonable. They would rather have people get drunk then have sex. That's right, silly me, I forgot that promiscuous sex was wrong.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Helloooo Patriarchy

So, after hours upon hours of deconstructing everything from razor commercials to feminist blogs themselves, we have decided that we should take our rants to the internet. Calling all former women's studies majors and current radical fems who cant turn off that deconstruction button. It is now our turn. Once mainstream feminist blogs start posting ridiculous shit or relevant shit three weeks too's time to take things into our own hands. I look forward to deconstructing the hell out of life with all of you. Peace.